Students scientific association

snoStudent Scientific Society (SSS) was created in Law Institute in 2007. Since then it has actively developed and assisted in the popularization of science among students of Law Institute of ISU. Currently in SSS are more than a hundred students from all courses, departments and forms of education of Law Institute of  ISU.

The main activity of the SSS is coordination of scientific-research activity of the students of Law Institute of ISU, their participation in scientific competitions, conferences, grants and other events, which are held as at the Law institute of ISU and on the city, regional, national and international level. Student Scientific Society collaborates with student scientific societies of other universities in Russia, with youth student organizations/


  • SSS of Law Institute assists in the publication of student research works in the digests, magazines and other printed publications, identifies students which are the most gifted and inclined to the research work.  
  • SSS of Law Institute of ISU is the organizer and co-organizer of scientific conferences, round table discussions, contests, competitions and other research activities.
  • SSS provides students of Law Institute with the most topical information about conferences, seminars, competitions, contests for legal and related disciplines in the region, country and world, promotes participation in them. 
  • SSS organizes meetings with students and lecturers of other universities, with specialists, legal practitioners, political figures, representatives of state authorities, local government, organizations, public associations.