h4uwa5heScientific-research activity is performed by the departments of the Law Institute and is conditioned by theirs specialization covering the most important and problematic aspects of qualified lawyers educating.

The priorities are:

  • “The Lawmaking Process in the Russian Federation”,
  • “The Development of  Regional Legislation Process",
  • "Federalism and Local Self-Government ",
  • "Basic Human Rights’ Protection",
  • "The Efficiency of Criminal Law Measures",
  • “Drug-Spreading Prevention",
  • “Issues of Market Relations’ Regulation",
  • "Civil Rights Protection", “Theoretical Issues on Legal Regulation of Social Relations”,
  • “The History of Development of the Institutes of State and Law”,
  • “Juvenile Crimes Prevention”,
  • “Detection and Investigation of Crimes”,
  • “The Procedure of Expert Examination”,
  • “Procedural Interaction Between Subjects of  Arbitration Proceedings” and others.

Keeping the traditions of legal education at ISU the professors and lecturers of the Institute have been studying and developing fundamental scientific works of their teachers, well-known academicians, who at different times have worked at Irkutsk State University. Several scientific schools were established on the basis of the serious researches and hard work of the following professors and associate professors of the Law Institute: S. Shishkin, V. Kazarin, N. Shishkina, V. Rovny, N. Pyanov, M. Tirskikh, A. Chebunin and  A. Georgievsky.

The results of the scientific researches got approbation at a number of International, Russian, Regional and Universities’ conferences, at scientific and practical seminars, in the process of drafting regional Acts, in summarizing court practice and in working out recommendation concerning the improvement of the latter. As a result a great number of monographs, scientific articles have been published in journals "State and Law", "Legality", "Siberian Law Herald", “Czasopismo Prawno-Historyczne” (Poland), “Journal of Henan Administrative Institute of Politics and Law” (China), “Korean Juvenile Justice” (Korea),  International Law Magazine “Index Magazine” (Italy) and others.

Scientific quarterly edition "Siberian Law Herald" has been published since 1998 at the Law Institute. In 2010 this journal entered the list of the leading reviewed scientific magazines in the Russian Federation.

Scientific conference "The Matters of Lawmaking and Law-Enforcement Activity in the Russian Federation" is held twice a year. Professors and lecturers, undergraduate and post-graduate students of the Law Institute and other educational institutions of Irkutsk and Irkutsk region, foreign universities participate in the conference. To sum up the results of the conference the collection of theses is published.

Scientific Personnel of Law Institute

The rate of the Institute’s staff having a scientific degree is high. There are 70 lecturers, including professors possessing Doctorate Degree (Doctors of Jurisprudence) and associate professors with Candidate degree (PhD), Honored lawyers of the Russian Federation and honored members of the Higher School of the Russian Federation, scientists-jurists recognized in the country and abroad.

Four departments of the Law Institute provide postgraduate training. There are over 30 postgraduate students including foreign citizens – from Mongolia, China, Vietnam and from the counties of the Commonwealth of Independent States - pursuing for PhD degree. The form of their training varies and depends on their ability to attend the classes for postgraduate students.

To encourage and develop scientific skills the Institute has the Students’ Scientific Organization (SSO). In addition, there are 11 scientific-research groups and societies. Members of SSO take an active part in the international, state and regional scientific conferences, colloquiums. They are repeated prizewinners and winners of the state students’ juridical Olympiad. The students together with the professors carry out research projects aimed at developing the most challenging scientific topics, conduct round tables, seminars-conferences, discussions, intellectual games.