Degree programs

Law Institute of ISU provides training in direction of Jurisprudence with a degree of “bachelor” and “master”, offers training in postgraduate studies.

Mobility programs

Students and lecturers are accepted to pass scientific training for a period of 1 month to 1 year with the certification of taken courses.

Bachelor degree programme

Term of training – 4 years.

Structures of training in a bachelor degree: state-legal, civil law, criminal law. International law.

Graduates receive a state diploma with awarding the degree of “bachelor” after coming down from Law Institute of ISU.

Master's degree programmes


Peculiarities of teaching (education):

Indepth theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the chosen province of law, the development of analytical skills.

Education plan:

Preparation masters includes the educational process (lectures and practical studies), on the profile of the chosen province of law, mandatory traineeship.

Students are required to study scientific and educational literature, analyze statutory instruments, determine the most relevant debating points on the topic of final project, summarize the law enforcement practice, publish the results of scientific research and development, participate in research and practice activities.

Classes are held with the supervisor singularly ("Socratic method").

The result:

- state-recognized degree with award "Master of Laws";

- a lawyer confirming extensive level of theoretical skills, sector-specific practical and analytical skills to decide the most challenging issues which are put before the workers of a higher level;

- work in executive positions.

The advantage of Master's degree programme:

  • make opportunity to study practical subjects not only in-depth (it is emphasized in curriculum document of training of Bachelor of Law) but get extensive level of theoretical skills on selected master's programme;

  • it is the highest professional skills (the highest level of vocational education);

  • appear for prerequisite for work on certain appointment in State government bodies, Local government body, judicial authorities and law enforcement agencies;

  • establish requisite conditions for graduation and practice of academic career and teaching, establish a framework for academic career;

  • graduate qualification work does by way of master's thesis (the foundation for future Candidate's dissertation);

  • master's degree acknowledges in many European nations and also native and foreign employers;

  • Master's degree programme is more acceptable than getting second university degree (term of apprenticeship in Master's degree programme – 2 years, a getting second university degree – 3 years) for person who having university degree (independent from branch of study or area of focus).

Term of apprenticeship: 2 years

Reception of documents for matriculation to Master's degree programme of The Law Institute ISU: The 20th June – The 15th August


Mode of study

Term of apprenticeship

Dialling plan

Entrance trials

Cost of educating

(price of 2014)


Intramural on budgetary foundation









Entrance on education is conducted according to testing results as consistent with specialization selected master's programme.


Exercise program to testing for matriculation to Master's degree programme


Correspondence on budgetary foundation



Intramural on commercial foundation


81 700

Correspondence on commercial foundation


42 000


Master’s programs:

1. The theory and practice of invocation criminal laws;

2. The bodies of state and municipal authorities in the Russia Federation: legal regulation and practice of realization;

3. The Contract Law;

4. The law in the field of region foreign affairs.

Graduates receive a state diploma with awarding the degree of “master” after coming down from Law Institute of ISU.

Postgraduate studies (for PhD level)

  • The theory and history of law and the state; the history of legal doctrines;
  • Constitutional law; Municipal law;
  • Civil law; business law; family law; international private law;
  • Criminal trial, criminalistics and operative  searching activity;

In case of successful presentation of postgraduate dissertation graduates are conferred of PhD level.


For further details please contact to Nina Bulanova, the head of the Department of International and Grant Programs of Law Institute (tel. +7 (3952) 52-11-88, e-mail: