Applying to LI

Admission of foreign citizens

Foreign citizens are:

  • citizens of foreign counties, including citizens of CIS countries;
  • persons with residence in any country, including on Russian territory;
  • people who have refugee certificate of UN
  • stateless persons who have a residence permit and residing in the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • persons with dual citizenship
  • persons residing in the territory of the Russian Federation and possessing the citizenship of another State;
  • persons residing in other states, but are not citizens of these states, except of Russian citizens.

Foreign citizens are accepted to study at the Law Institute of Irkutsk State University at the places with payment for tuition.

Entrance Test:

1. Citizens of the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kirghiz Republic, the Republic of Tajikistan enter the Law Institute ISU according to results of state examination or a written test in three disciplines: Russian language, history of Russia, social science.

2. Other foreign citizens on the basis of a certificate in Russian language at least the first level.