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 The initial stock of the Law Library of ISU was compiled owing to the first professors of law and their contributions made in 1918 which is considered the year of the Library’s foundation. For rather a long time it had been a part of Scientific Library of ISU. In 1999 due to the reorganization of Law Faculty into the Law Institute of ISU the library became part and parcel of the Institute’s structure.

Today the Law Institute’s Library represents an up-to-date electronic complex where all the libraring processes are computer-managed. Its stock – one of the largest on the territory from Ural up to the Far East – numbers over 300 thousand volumes (60 thousand items) of specialized legal and universal literature. The library includes four reading lounges (one traditional and three electronic), delivery desks of scientific literature, textbooks (manuals) and periodical issues, the Center of Instant Print. Today the library serves the needs of 3000 readers: students (including extra-mural and post-graduate ones) and teaching staff of the Law Institute.

The Library of the Law Institute contains:

  • Study materials;
  • Modern Russian and foreign scientific monographic literature;
  • Rare publications (1837 – 1920): pre-revolutionary codes, works written by the founders of Russian law science;
  • The Library stock includes the back files of modern newspapers and magazines, the retrospective fundamental legal publications like “The Soviet Justice” (from 1920s), “The Soviet State and Law” and “ The Socialistic Legality” (from 1940s);
  • Multi-media catalogs.

The Library catalog exists in the electronic version. About 20% of all items have the full-text electronic matches. The librarians have compiled and are permanently updating 6 full-text bases: ”T he works of the Institute’s lecturers”, “Rare books”, “Periodicals”, “Autoabstracts”, “Materials in the methods of teaching”, “The Law Code of the Russian Empire” in 16 volumes.

Contact information:

The chief librarian: Natalya Kinyakina


Telephone: +7(3952)52-11-85