About us

IMG_2616_copyThe Law Institute of Irkutsk State University is one of the oldest law school in Russia, the leader of legal education in Eastern Siberia.

The Law Institute of ISU is a prestigious educational institution which formed the legal elite of modern Russia. For more then 90 years plenty of outstanding legal scholars, statesmen, theorists and practitioners of modern law are leaving out from its walls.

Mission of Law Institute of ISU is to preserve traditions of the classical, fundamental legal education in balanced combination of scientific, educational and methodological activity and pedagogic process.

The Institute for almost century-long history has prepared tens thousands of legal professionals which now occupy senior positions in government, judiciary, advocacy, customs, tax authorities, law firms and services, human right organizations in Russia, countries of near and far abroad.

The Law Institute of ISU is dynamically developing law school. Modern methods of education are actively introduced in the educational process. New scientific educational directions and programs are opened, lots of students and professors projects are supported.

The Institute realizes a large number of activities of regional, national and international level. Law Institute of ISU is a platform for scientific discussions and debates in which students together with professors and legal practitioners investigate a complex legal matter, accumulate and translate the knowledge of modern law, its content and development prospects.

The quality of the classic legal education which the Law School of Irkutsk State University gives is confirmed by success of graduates in the labor market each year – 80% of lawyers with diploma of ISU work in the specialty (researches of Superjob.ru), by achievements and victories of students, recognition of the merits of the faculty in the field of science and education.