Faculty of International Law

fmp4The Faculty of International Law of the Law Institute of ISU trains specialists qualified in profession “Jurisprudence” with specialization “International Law”.

Graduates of the International Law Faculty can work both in domestic organizations engaged in economic activities and in foreign companies; they can be hired to government bodies involved in economic relations and activities with foreign countries, to the customs, offices from abroad, consulates and to subsidiaries of international enterprises.

To provide a high-standard education two more departments have been included into the structure of the Institute: the Department of International and Comparative Law and Foreign Languages Department. Beginning from the first year of studying the students are taught specialization disciplines on various aspects of International Law such as International Arbitration Process, International Aspects of Labor Relations, Foreign Economic Law, Foreign Criminal Law, Diplomatic and Consular Law. Another priority of the Faculty is the foreign languages. Such languages as English, German, French and Chinese can be chosen by students of the Faculty of International Law. The Chinese language is taught by the visiting professors from the universities of China. Students of this faculty have also an opportunity to qualify as interpreters in the sphere of professional communication.

 International Law Faculty has established close links with the Universities of Germany, France, Holland, Italy, Spain, Poland, Mongolia, China and South Korea. Professors from the abovementioned foreign universities regularly present their lectures in foreign languages to the students of the faculty.

To make the educational process more effective the International Law Faculty has its own library with specialized literature in foreign languages making up the fourth part of the whole stock of the Faculty; specially equipped language laboratory; tooled up with modern multimedia equipment study rooms; computer class and reading room.

Contact information:

International Law Faculty is placed in a separate building – Gagarin Blvd, 36.

The head of the Faculty: Olga Tolstikova, PhD

Telephone: +7 (3952) 20-04-14

e-mail: olga_den@mail.ru